Life after ZoomFolder

Monday, December 13, 2004

I have now released ZoomFolder 1.0, my simple ZUI experiment. But, what do I do now?

I could buy some clothes. Clothes make the man, and all I have are T-Shirts. What does your wardrobe say about you?

I could work on my resume, and get a job. Getting a job would require nice clothes. Thus, this would be a three part task, resume, buy clothes, and then the jobs will roll in.

I could go back to school. A step that would require the GRE. While hardly insurmountable, it is still a hurdle. And what about all the busy work, all the exams, and homework? Could I still put up with them?

I could start-up another fantastic project A project management, a software bug reporting, or a peer-2-peer TV solution would be nice. I would also be nice to have all three. But what good are these projects if I can't sell them?

I think I may just flip a coin.

I also wonder why people advertise urgency on when bidding doesnot end for two weeks. I guess it's just not urgent enough to pay a professional coder.