Toby Still Needs Saving?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

That’s right; Toby from is still alive! After missing the $50,000, by June 30th, goal, Toby’s owner decided to secretly change the dead-line to Nov 6th, 2006. I don’t know if this is the first time this has happened. But, I can see how it could have happened numerous times before. I think he should just get out while he is still ahead.

On a more important note, I wonder what it would be like if dolphins had dolphin-made guns. I want this to happen. So, taking a page out of Jared Diamond’s book Guns, Germs, and Steel (, I would like to propose an idea. We could teach dolphins to farm crops, farm animals, and domesticate animals. We could then sit back, for about 10,000 years, and enjoy the fruits of our labor.

Update (11/11/2005):

You can now donate to hurry Toby's demise at